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Introducing our TR35 innovators | MIT Technology Review


How do you know what’s coming next, especially with a topic as fast-moving as technology? One way is to focus on the technology itself, as we do every year with our 10 Breakthrough Technologies package. 

With our 35 Innovators Under 35, we come at the same problem from a different angle: Who are the people driving the next wave of innovation, and what does their work tell us about where technology will go in the near future?

Today, we’re excited to unveil our latest cohort of Innovators. Read the full list of this year’s honorees, including those making a difference in robotics, computing, biotech, climate and energy, and AI.

Andrew Ng: How to be an innovator

As a renowned global AI innovator, Andrew Ng knows a thing or two about innovations that make an impact, having led Google Brain to drive large-scale deep learning, and created online courses that led to the founding of course provider Coursera. 

He’s shared some of his wisdom about how to innovate responsibly, and how to sidestep any potential roadblocks along the way. Read his essay here.


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